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OAC 2008 Features & Edition Comparison

Feature   Professional
Microsoft p&p
Visual Studio 2008 designer integration.   yes yes no
Support for Microsoft .Net Compact Framework 3.5   yes yes no
Support for Microsoft .Net Compact Framework 2.0   yes yes yes
Can be used in both Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2005 simultaneously.   yes yes no
Use built-in Forms and User Control designer to design optimized layouts yes yes yes yes
Design optimized user control layouts for arbitrary form factors and orientations using a design-time experience similar to localization   yes * yes
Layouts applied automatically at run-time based on current form factor   yes yes yes
Automatic detection of orientation changes and refresh of appropriate layout yes yes yes yes
Support layout optimization for localized applications yes yes yes yes
Layouts stored on satellite assemblies for reduced download time yes yes no no
Device setup post-processor generates one device installer CAB file for each optimized form factor yes yes no no
Support for Pocket PC 2003, Windows CE 5.0 and Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC   yes yes **
Support for Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone   yes yes no
Support for Windows Mobile 6.0/6.1 (all editions)   yes yes no
Visual Studio item templates for all supported platforms yes yes yes no
Support for C# and VB.NET   yes yes ***
Soft Input Panel-aware automatic behavior (control resizes and adds scrollbars if necessary when SIP is enabled) yes yes yes no
Reusable generic SIP-aware container control yes yes yes no
Enhanced custom control authoring: Load, OwningFormChanging/Changed, LayoutApplied/Applying events, IsDisposing, IsDisposed properties, etc.   yes yes ****
SCC-friendly (layout resources stored and checked-out from source control as necessary)   yes yes yes
Seamless integration with Device Tools options in Visual Studio (available form factors, default form factor, etc.)   yes yes yes

* Only default form factor.
Only Windows Mobile 5.0.
Due to a known bug, doesn't work with VB.NET out of the box.
Fewer members are available.

- Trial version is fully functional Professional Edition that randomly displays a trial message when the application is run.
- The Microsoft patterns & practices Mobile Client Software Factory includes an earlier version of the Orientation Aware Control developed by Clarius for Microsoft.